Saturday, July 10, 2010

>.< Speachless Day

Oh my god..
I like wanna shout for yesterday
U wanna hear story?

Yesterday is my friend Mico's birthday
Me, milky and Christine were invited to her birthday party
the celebration were organize in 69 mansion
After one hour of jam at Batu Ferringgi, we reached

Enter with happy mood
we wish the birthday gal happy birthday
lots of hugs and wishes
and v sat down for drinks n cakes
Mico had order about 5 bucket of beer
So that v wont get thirst

Half an hour later,
the songs suddenly cut off
and the light suddenly switch on
"Lelaki kiri, perempuan kanan"
v feel like scolding wat the F*** tat time
v still have about 4 bucket of beer
and damp, there is a checking going on
%^*&%*% can only say potong stim lo!

1st time in my life i kena checking
God, i really gan jiong tat time
coz my IC is temporary IC
i scare that the police though is rubbish
n throw it away =.="
according to the police
v have to pass up our IC
ladies stand right, guys stand left
but after v pass up our IC
v continue sit at our table and play games
Amazingly, v had much fun during that time
v play "ping pong piang" loose de drink beer
At the end, v manage to finish all bucket
before they called out our name
I think that v are the most relax customers in the whole club ^.^

While we playing, the DJ will called name
some name they will call
and ask them to took their IC
After took the IC, you may show the police n leave the place
some that not so lucky will kena call name
and waiting to check urine..
WHile waiting for the names
we can observe that every people have pekcek face
n i sure that they will think :" why la, why have to check today"
when i go toilet, i meet a gal and she tell me that
"i come frm Singapore, i heard ppl said nice so i visit here,
walau, 1st time come d kena" haha... i also duno how to console her

Finally, i heard my name "WINNIE XXX"
yes ah!!! at last my name appear
i took my IC frm the police and walk out frm the club
LOL... wat an experience..
i am glad that although this situation happens
v still play happily and make our birthday gal MICO laughs =)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Miss the old days

Miss the old days that together with Panda Gang
Miss the old days that goin makan n clubbing wif marketing course mate
Miss the old days that drinking and playing card in D'arts
Miss the old days that Darren,Selva and me in car chatting while Darren driving
Miss the old days that play pool in senyum plaza with Rm10 for 2 hours
Miss the old days that v complaint no money n when parents/PTPTN will enter money
Miss the old days that after badminton, go mamak makan n chatting
Miss the old days that buy DVD c together wif Darren
Miss the old days that watch football together with Darren
Miss the old days that fighting wif BABA all around mlc once v meet up
Miss the old days that kena scold by Xiao Jia when i am emo n stupid
Miss the old days that eat Pongteh babi and Ayam once a while
Miss the old days that teasing Joyce as Chick
Miss the old days that hiding at the emergency stairs n do smtg which is bad habit
Miss the old days that eat Satay Celop and Siang Malam Wan Tan Mee
Miss the old days that keep on saying i havent go ZOO Malacca b4
Miss the old days that Darren's mom insist him to bring me go sit boat at mlc river
Miss the old days that drink beer with Darren's family
Miss the old days that taking pic wif Panda girls in toilet everywhere
Miss the old days that where can v eat after class
Miss the old days that asking frens "How is ur FYP"
Miss the old days that asking frens: "who is ur supervisor/moderator for FYP?"
Miss the old days that study like hell when exam time without time to sleep
Miss the old days that ask frens "have u study finish" b4 exam
Miss the old days that mumbling n complaining after the exam finish
Miss the old days that v have BBQ section in Wai Lok's house
Miss the old days that i get to eat herbs marinated pork chop n japanese layer cake
Miss the old days that watch movie together with Darren
Miss the old days that scare baba by ghost story n she keep saying "lalalalalalla"
Miss the old days that i stay in a room which is vy cool at nite
Miss the old days that had small chatting section in bed b4 sleep with xiao jia
Miss the old days....
Miss the old days....

Miss the old day~~
perhaps some could be achieve again in the future
While some could only become sweet memory forever.

CHERISH the Moment u had rite now! Cheers =)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Experience in part time job

Last two days, i were buzy for part time job in Matta Fair
For you information,
Matta fair do not have a lot of Leng zhai as in PC fair..
Those visitors usually were ah Ma, Ah Gong, or a whole big family
Those Ah Gong and Ah Ma, ovarall vy friendly and cute

i meet a ah gong visitor who makes me laugh
"hello, this is our promotion package, u can have a look"
"oh, okok"
"Do u have any places tat u wish to visit?"
"oh, okok" >.<
"v now got promotion, korea vy cheep"
"oh, okok"
"did u went to korea before?"
"oh. okok"

=.=" swttt arr... but he makes me laugh too..

i did meet some customer which jz come to visit for fun only
frm the question tat they ask (which is very ridicules)n the respond they give
you can know tat he is not serious at all
so, when got chances i will said
"okla, u may take time consider, if interested can come back to our booth"
throw them a smile and....... RUN!

Some customers also vy hao lian (like to show off)
"hello, interested to go any whre?"
"oh, this korea i go b4 d... not bad lo ....lalalililolooo"
"oic, or beijing, hongkong, vietman? all got promotion"
"these all i go b4 d, rmb tat time i go it was with xxx group, v go for 5 days..bla bla bla"
"oic.. than now u interested to go any places now?"
"nola,i jz see see"
>.< ok, no problem.. have a nice LOOK in MATTA fair ya

Some customers vy "cute"
I said :"this 1 package vy worth it, got bla bla bla.. is our hot package"
customer: "o~ than the package so gud, than u register or not?"
LOL, dear customer, if i am rich enough to sign up
i wont be sitting here to serve u d

1.)This world have many kinds of people
2.)It is interesting to work if u have passion with ur job
3.)when talk, meet ghost talk ghost language, meet people talk people language

haha, ovallrall is a gud experience although the paid is little =)